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Adrenal Stress Panel
Adrenal Stress Panel
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Salivary testing allows for the convenient home collection of samples. Measurement of cortisol levels at four different times during the day provides a useful window into adrenal status over and above a "spot" assessment through blood. Since cortisol levels normally vary according to the time of day, higher in the morning and much lower at night, (this 24-hour cycle is called the circadian rhythm) the timed salivary samples offer a more accurate reflection of adrenal and stress hormone status.

StressAlso measured in the Adrenal Stress Plus Profile are salivary sIgA and antigliadin antibodies (AGA). Gliadin is a protein component found in wheat gluten. A commonly overlooked component to many health problems, is the sensitivity or intolerance to gluten. Salivary sIgA is the primary immune factor of the mucosal tissue. The assessment of salivary sIgA provides another useful marker of stress responses. Low levels of salivary sIgA reflect the impact of stress on the immune system.

Adrenal Stress Profile is a useful lab assessment tool to assist in the discovery of the physiological underpinnings to fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and anxiety, depression and many other health disorders that invariably include some measure of adrenal stress hormone imbalances.

Cortisol (4 timed measurements)
DHEAs (2 timed measurements, averaged)
Secretory IgA
Antigliadin IgA

Why Should You Do the Adrenal Stress Profile?

• Supplementing specific hormones, vitamins, and botanicals, while modifying diet and lifestyle, can help you counteract the negative effects of chronic stress by restoring normal adrenal function.
• We can customize your interpretation and supplementation guidelines based on individual test results.
• It complements other metabolic and nutritional analyses.

Chronic stress can affect:

• Circadian rhythms and sleep patterns
• Immune response
• Cardiovascular function
• Metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fatty acids
• Regulation and formation of other hormones
• Repair and maintenance of body tissues
• Childhood growth and development

Adrenal Stress testing is appropriate for patients with a variety of conditions:

• Accelerated Aging
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Celiac Disease
• Chronic Fatigue
• Depression
• Diabetes (Type 2)
• Hypoglycemia
• Hypertension
• Insomnia
• Obesity
• Recurrent Infections
• Thyroid Dysfunction

Adrenal Stress Panel
...with limited report of findings...$200.00
Lab testing provided by:

Your limited report of findings includes an overview of the test results by phone with Ralph Sanchez. You may schedule your review of test results after you have received your lab results by mail. Please allow 3 weeks for your lab results to arrive.

NOTE: there is a non-refundable $15.00 test kit handling and shipping charge.

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  • Adrenal Stress Panel
    Adrenal Stress Panel
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    Adrenal Stress Panel
    Adrenal Stress Panel
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