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Detoxification Program
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Detoxification Program
The 14 Day FHS Detox Solution Program

The science of detoxification…

The FHS Detox Solution plan to eliminate toxins, and support our innate detoxification systems, is grounded on a science based nutrition plan that "feeds" the liver detoxification enzyme system (CYP450) for optimized processing and packaging of toxins for elimination.

There are 2 basic cornerstones to a successful and science based detox plan:

1.  You need protein to support specific protein based (amino acid) pathways (see chart below). Without enough protein to support your detox and metabolism, you run the risk of tearing down (catabolism) your lean tissue to supply needed amino acids your body requires. Prolonged fasting without a protein/amino acid intake during a detox, creates a catabolic state in the body, and it fails to provide essential nutrients necessary for nourishing the detoxification mechanisms in the body. Sufficient protein intake during a detox is a key element for well supported and science based detox, and it protects your body from shifting to a "catabolic" state while you reduce the consumption of meats during your detox.

2.  Without the specific nutrition needed to mobilize and support the primary detoxification pathways of the liver (Phase 1 and Phase 2), toxins are not processed and packaged for elimination properly.

If Phase 2 is sluggish, the intermediary and toxic by products produced in Phase 1, creates a very toxic environment that can result in severe reactions during a detox plan. This is precisely why some individuals experience unpleasant reactions (Herxheimer reactions) during a detox. Mild reactions are not uncommon, but severe reactions usually represent a plan that is not supported properly by Phase 1 and Phase 2 nutrition, or the "balance" of those 2 phases.

Balance of Phase 1 and Phase 2 optimization is key. Pushing Phase 1 too quickly into a detox, can result in the severe unpleasant reactions associated with detoxing. The 14 Day FHS Detox Solution plan is a balanced and gentle approach that is guided by an experienced health care practitioner.

• Increased energy and vitality and moods
• Weight loss
• Better bowel regularity
• Reduced allergy reactions
• Healthier skin
• PMS relief

14 Day FHS Detox Solution Package includes: 

• Optional 10 to 15 minute "Get Started Session" with Ralph Sanchez, L.Ac, CNS, D.Hom.

•  A patient detox guide that contains all the instructions for your 14 day or 21 day detox, along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines, and smoothie recipes for your detox shakes. 

• A complete science based protocol of supplements that includes the protein based detox food that is the base for your detox shakes

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